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il Troubadore is Indianapolis’ premiere world music ensemble. Playing music from over 60 countries and singing in over 4 dozen languages, il Troubadore is sure to delight audiences of all ages and tastes! Formed in 2004 by Robert Bruce Scott and Jon Silpayamanant, il Troubadore has performed througout the Midwest, Southeast, and Northeast US and has extensively collaborated with World and Experimental musicians.
il Troubadore has two primary side projects: The il Troubadore Klingon Music Project and il Troubadore and the Wookiee Cellist.
Robert Bruce Scott – vocals, mandolin
Jon Silpayamanant – cello, vocals
Dianna Davis – clarinet, accordion, flute, vocals
Ron Fife – dumbek, bodhran, vocals
Past Members:
Wendi Wampler – clarinet, riq, bellydance
Paul Radecki – percussion, bodhran, djembe, vocals
Leonie Leduc – clarinet, trumpet, recorder
Guests Members:
Melanie Queppet – flute
Scott Middleton – percussion
D. Langdon – dumbek